Sea Samurai is a top of the line kayak fishing guide service run out of the America's finest city San Diego. Along with the sites and popular city life, San Diego is home to the best California sport fishery. Taking full advantage of the gifts nature provided for us, Sea Samurai is at your service when it comes providing the experience of a lifetime. With both expert guides and the finest equipment, rest assured your trip will become a memory of a lifetime. We are proud of our expert guides, also known as Samurais, with their ability to locate and catch trophy Pacific Ocean game fish. They possess vast amounts of knowledge and experience to make our charters successful. Our Samurais are friendly and professional assuring that all trips are both entertaining and educational. It is their duty as guides to provide you with all the information necessary to have you walk away with experience that continues to advance even after the trip. We know that by the time your charter has ended, they will have advanced your knowledge beyond your expectations. The equipment Sea Samurai provides is top of the line. The most advanced kayaks and accessories are provided if necessary to our customers insuring that their trip is the most relaxing, stress free charter. Sea Samurai's fishing gear is customized to West Coast style fishing and tailored with specifications made by our guides. With constant exposure to the elements, we make sure that all of our gear is inspected and ready for our customers to use prior to the reservation. Sea Samurai's kayak fishing guide service has made it a goal to provide everyone of it's customers with an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. We strive to satisfy all of your expectations so that you may be proud that you chose Sea Samurai. Come join our dojo, take a trip with our Samurais and become a fishing warrior!